New Line Office - Sedie e poltrone ufficio

Innovation and creativity
to look into the future


“Our contracting experience is something similar to many other venetian contractors: hard job, capacity of innovating and to see farther than competitors, flexibility and matching of market requests. A company with family capital, me and my son with an external member. This adventure started 37 years ago, step by step the company became a landmark in his field, the whole production is made in our region and for the biggest part exported.”

“The carrying element of our progress has been mostly the research of innovation not only referred to the product but also to the ways to reach it. In advance compared to our competitors we have involved architects and designers; with their cooperation we have created the style that then has been brought to reality, first with a sample and then with the final version of the product.”

“Since when I started many things changed, starting from sector rules which have put strict ties on measures and dimensions of the seats. These aspects have not stopped us, we have accepted new challenges starting from the use of colors, of materials and the matching between them. As a result now we have unique products, highly appreciated from the market.”

“Seeing the competition coming from the far east production with low prices 4 years ago we have decided to cancel the first price level product and we decided to specialize ourselves in the upper part of the range giving a great attention to finishes and upholsteries. We consider the company as an “atelier” of the chair. This thanks to the attention for the details and for the creativity on the products: some of our patents are really unique and they ensure us a big advantage against our competitors.”